Động cơ bước Servo Baldor

Động cơ bước Servo Baldor

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Baldor’s DC high performance servo motors were designed rugged to meet demanding requirements of industrial motion control. They can be supplied with many electrical and mechanical options so the design fits your application. Some of the many options available include: tachometers, encoders, brakes, mountings, shafts, windings, speeds, connectors, environmental.
The DC servo motors provide continuous stall torques from 1.8 Lb-In (0.2 N-m) to 56 Lb-In (6.3 N-m). They are designed to provide reliability and dependability and long life in today’s tough applications.
The DC servo motors are presently used world wide in applications such as X-Y tables , factory automation, coil winders, labeling equipment, machine tool, insertion machines, robotics, pick and place, packaging, converting equipment, assembly equipment and laboratory equipment.

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